Wednesday, July 15, 2015

AdventureLust - 02 "The 5 C's of Adventure"

Sometimes we have adventure without thinking about why we love them so much. The other day I sat down to figure out our favorite aspects of travel and adventure. I came up with five: crave, culture, care, challenge, and celebrate. It's only a coincidence that they all start with the letter "c" - (ok, maybe I had to get creative to make my original answer work in such a clever pattern).  Someday I may write in detail about what these five characteristics really mean, but for today I am sharing them orally through the podcast.

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Starfish on the beaches of the Carribean? I spent 10 days in the Dominican Republic. 
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Do agree or disagree with any of my 5 characteristics? Do you have any to add to the list? Leave a comment below. Thank you for listening. Have an adventure-worthy week. 


  1. 'There is nothing better than going to a new place to fill up my soul and awaken all my senses...' Amen sister! I love new experiences - not just with traveling, but new restaurants, new people, etc. Great podcast!

  2. Thank you! I'm glad that you liked the podcast. Please share with your friends & subscribe!


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