Tuesday, September 30, 2014

God's Timeline

God moves slower than I want.

About a year ago, we felt like it was time to actually take a step toward our goal of a year of missions in Africa. Thinking we would be out of the U.S. in just a couple of months, it’s been a wake-up that we’re still in Rapid City.

After our first TEAM Missions orientation in July, we wanted to be at 60% funded in mid-September (aka last week). That surely didn’t happen – we’re currently at about 28%. Now our 60% goal has been moved back to January 2015.

In the process we’re learning that God’s timing is best. We’ve needed this past year to get some things straightened out: our motivations for going, strengthening our marriage, building a group of supporters here in the U.S., growing our reliance on God.

There’s also a peace knowing that we’re working under God’s time, and not our own. We feel God urging us to go to Karanda. And if we’re doing God’s work, then what better timeline to be under than God’s? Sure, we know we need to put in the time and effort to meet our fundraising goals, but we also know that God is ultimately in control of getting us to Zimbabwe. Our plans do not measure up to God’s plans. Please pray that we continue to put the worry of money and timing in God’s hands.

Now that autumn is upon us, however, things are really moving. Thank God we’re over a quarter of the way funded, with so many wonderful people coming beside us to do the Lord’s work in Karanda, Zimbabwe.

And it’s all happening in God’s time.
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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Where's the Pastor?

I think too many times when people think of missionaries, they picture something like this:

And when told about a missionary in a foreign land they think of this:

I'm sorry to say that our mission will look nothing like this. First of all we'll be in color. And second, we'll be serving at a modern hospital. 

Erin and I do not have formal seminary training. We didn't get a degree in Foreign Missions. And we aren't polished up on presenting an hour sermon. But that's OK. A cool thing about how God works is that He uses people of every skill set and passion to minister to His peoples. 

The Karanda Mission Hospital, where we'll be serving for a year, focuses on healing peoples' physical problems, but at that same time, they understand that spiritual healing can often take place when people are physically sick. 

I will be serving the Lord with a video camera. I love finding and telling stories. If you've never had a camera pointed in your face with the red light blinking (yes they still have the red light) and asked very personal questions, you'll know that it's an intimate, intimidating scene. I hope to break down barriers with a camera and build meaningful relationships, and let that be my ministry.

So where's the pastor? Well, she's definitely there in missions. Churches and people groups need a formally trained spiritual guide and teacher. But Erin and I realized that's not necessarily our calling, so we'll serve in the ways God's had blessed and strengthened us. 

In conclusion, you can be a missionary without being a "pastor."


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Where does the money go?

An question we get asked while meeting with potential partners during this fundraising phase is: Where does the money go? As Christians and financial backers of our trip, this question is important. We are asking our friends, family, and churches for a lot of money to spend one year in Africa.

You'd think it would be cheap to spend a year in a 3rd world country.

There are a lot of costs that don't normal jump into one's mind when thinking about a mission trip to Africa. Let me talk about them here.

Living Allowance: This is what we will have to live on (obviously). Food. Housing. Start-up costs (like buying a bed). Student loans. Other day-to-day living expenses.
Health Insurance: Yes. Even missionaries get injured & sick. Maybe even more so? Satan loves to use illnesses to get in the way of bringing glory to God. Health insurance is important. (Also, if we don't have it, we owe $$ to Obama, since health insurance is a requirement now)
TEAM: The non-profit missions agency has to earn money somehow.
Work Funds: Contacting donors. Internet fee. Work supplies. Camera repairs. Hospital scrubs. All things required for us to complete the tasks at hand.
USA FICA: taxes, man.
Outgoing Expenses: 4 on-way airplane tickets. Visas. Nursing licensing. 3 different missionary orientations. Fundraising coach.

Hope that makes sense. Comment below if you have any questions.

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