Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Rant About God’s Timing

Last week I was feeling pretty down. I was doubting. I was broken. I took out my phone & recorded a rant of my feelings. Today I decided to type it out. Many people asked what was going on in my head last week. What was I thinking? Read on if you're interested:

(Warning: This equals 4.5 typed pages on Word.) 

Monday, March 23, 2015

Terry Peak - Skiing & Snowboarding

As a Christmas gift, Kameron's work gave us two day-passes to a local ski resort called Terry Peak. 

Since we are jobless, waiting for our Zimbabwean work permits, we went one day last month in the middle of the week. I highly suggest going to a ski resort in the middle of the week because there is NO ONE THERE! Everyone else is at work and school. Score! 

I went snowboarding & Kameron went skiing.
Back in high school, my family would get season passes, so I spent my winters on the slopes. First I took ski lessons & more ski lessons & then skied & skied & skied until it got boring. My friends encouraged me to snowboard at a youth group ski trip; I fell in love with the challenge. Once I became familiar with snowboarding, I would teach my friends & boyfriend (now husband)... But I haven't been snowboarding since 2010 probably. --- 5 years ago! I sure was sore after this day shredding the slopes.
Kameron grew up on the prairie. Not much skiing experience. I remember once in high school, before we even started dating, Kam & his buddies went skiing with me. So fun! ---except the poor boy did not tell us he didn't know how to ski. We were waiting for him at the ski lift for awhile. I looked up and saw my man fall, get up, move a foot, and fall again & again & again. By the end of the day, he was more confident & didn't fall as much. On our honeymoon we went skiing, and he did GREAT! And I would say that on our most recent trip to the slopes, he was better at skiing than I was at snowboarding. Way to go hubs!

We were also blessed with beautiful weather & had to shed our heavy coats after the first run.
 Have you ever been skiing or snowboarding? Which do you like better? Leave a comment below.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Stratobowl Hike - Black Hills

This March weather has been incredibly beautiful in the Black Hills! What better way to spend time outside than hiking a new trail with family!

A while back I saw one of my brother's instagram photos & marveled why I had never been to this place, or at least heard of it!

The Stratobowl has a unique history. Interesting fact: it is considered the "birthplace of the space age." From this site balloons were launched into the stratosphere. Hence the name "stratobowl." Visit their website for more information on history.

The hike is easy and short. My 19 month old niece hiked it. My mother who survived a stroke 4 years ago hiked it. My sister with a hulk-sized baby on her back hiked it. You can do it, for sure!

On this hike were: myself, Kameron, my sister & her two kiddos (#babyfrancys & #harrisonthehulk), my mom & my dad. This was the littles' first hike. I'm glad I was a part of it!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

[Currently] March

Waiting (not so patiently) for our Zimbabwean employment permits to be processed & (hopefully) approved. We've been told it takes 2-3 months. That could mean we don't leave until after my birthday on June 2nd. WHAT?

Attempting to be okay with that.

Working. Kam's freelance video & motion graphics company Keylight Media is really taking off! Erin accepted a PRN (as needed) position on an oncology department and will most likely float to a medical department as well.

Reading Dear Mr. Knightley (Erin) & One More Thing (Kam).

Entering this Hawaiian travel sweepstakes each & every day. (PLEASE GOD, LET US WIN!!)

Ignoring the baby fever.

Spending a couple days in Kam's hometown Kadoka to help his parent's prepare for camp. They are the directors of Victory Center Bible Camp in Ft. Pierre, SD --- the place where the two of us met & fell in love!

Hiking our way through the Black Hills.

Updating the blog design to promote user interaction. Please tell us what we could improve or any other features that you would like to see.

Investing in the Christian women's & traveling women's blogging communities.

Friday, March 13, 2015

5 Things We Wish We Did in Savannah, Georgia

We only had two days in Savannah, GA and we saw & did a lot! There are certain things that we wanted to do, but either did not have time for, or the weather was to bad. Here is a short list of some things we missed out on, but wanted to do:

1. Drink lattes at the Coffee Fox. 
2. Sit on a bench in each of the city squares.
3. Cruise the Savannah River on a riverboat. 
4. Taste candy at a local candy shoppe.
5. Take a stroll down beautiful Jone's Street.

Is there anything that we should add to that list?

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