Saturday, March 28, 2015

5 Ways to Find Contentment in the Waiting

Yesterday I wrote about the importance of finding contentment in the waiting (that was after posting a long rant about God's timing). Currently we are simply waiting in my sister's basement. We jobless & homeless. Waiting for our Zimbabwean work visas so we can buy our tickets & fly to Zimbabwe to be missionaries for Jesus. Who knows how long we will wait? A couple more weeks? 2-3 months? Longer?

We know it's important to find contentment in this waiting period, but HOW? What can I DO now?

Here are 5 Ways to Find Contentment in the Waiting:
  1. Pray
    Communicate with God. Tell Him your frustrations. Ask Him those big questions. Rant. Cry. Pray silently. Pray allowed when along on a prayer walk. Pray on paper in your journal. Come before Him humbled and ask Him for guidance. Ask Him for comfort. Ask Him to move. Ask Him to be enough. 
  2. Read the BibleHe has left answers, comfort, & guidance for you in His Word. He has made you promises that He will not back down on. Read those truths & memorize them. No one can ever take those truths away from you if you memorize them and engrave them into your heart & mind.
  3. Embrace Community
    The people you know have been through similar experiences, and they can share insights with you. Sometimes they can see the bigger picture. They can embrace you with their hearts & with their arms to bring you confidence & comfort. They can point you in a different direction so you can learn something new about yourself & about the Almighty. 
  4. Enjoy
    Do what you find enjoyable. Do something for fun. Go hiking. Watch your favorite TV show. Complete a craft. Play with kiddos. Play a game. Hit the slopes & go skiing. Just because you are waiting on the Lord to fulfill your destiny, does not mean you have to sit on a chair all day (unless you are caught up in a really good book). 
  5. Relax
    When the waiting is over, there might not be much time for relaxing. For waiting. Take a nap. Take a chill pill. Don't stress. Drink plenty of water & eat plenty of protein. You're going to need it later. 

What are your favorite ways to find contentment in the waiting? Anything to add to my list?

Friday, March 27, 2015

Finding Contentment in the Waiting

A few days ago I posted a rant about God's timing. It was a typed-out version of the rant I recorded on my phone when I was feeling particularly lost, upset, & confused about God's timing of our upcoming missions trip. I decided to post it for transparency. Why hide my feelings? Although I am not necessarily feeling & thinking those same things today, or even the other day when I posted it, I believe it is an important part of our journey to Zimbabwe. It is an important part of my faith journey.

Today I want to share about finding contentment in the waiting. My mother-in-law shared with me a Beth Moore video about Esther 5 - about waiting. Not everything pertained to waiting on moving to another country to serve the Lord, but I did have three big take-aways.

Never in our wait is God inactive. If God is not sending us to Zimbabwe this month, like we expected, then He is doing something else. He is working in us. He is working in the people in Zimbabwe. He is working in our friends & family. He is calling us to more. To stronger faith. To healthier relationships. To deeper passions. I can choose to be inactive. I can choose to watch all 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls. I can refuse to look around and see that God is doing something. Or I can choose to be active with Him. He wants me to come along beside Him and be active in His glory.

If we cannot wait upon the Lord, we will NOT fulfill our destiny. If Jesus would have given into temptation in the wilderness (Luke 4:1-13) & accepted he glory & authority over the Kingdom before the appointment time, then He would not have fulfilled His destiny to be our Savior, once & for all. During this time of waiting, Kam & I want to move. We want to DO something. We want to get into Zimbabwe on a tourist visa until our employment permits are approved. We want to go to a neighboring country to work with TEAM missionaries there. We want to go to a different continent & see what God is doing there. But is that our ultimate destiny? Is that His plan for us? If we don't wait, if we rush into something else without actively praying & seeking God's guidance, then we are not fulfilling our destiny. We are called to Zimbabwe for a year. We are called to wait for it.

If we wait on the event, we will grow weak and tired, but for those who wait upon the Lord, He will renew their strength. (Isaiah 40:31). Why do we want to go to Zimbabwe? For adventure? For the sake of leaving South Dakota? For the sake of pleasing ourselves? That sounds like we are waiting on the event, waiting on the thing. We are getting tired & stressed out & trying everything we can to get there. What about waiting on the Lord? We are going to Zimbabwe for HIM. We need to wait on Him. We need to dig deep in the Word. We need to pray. We need our strength renewed.

Finding contentment in the waiting periods is quite hard. It's a daily struggle, but those three points help me to remember what it's all about. Christ Jesus, the giver of life & hope - the reason for everything.

& because we live in a culture focused on doing, tomorrow I share five things to do while finding contentment in the waiting.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Rant About God’s Timing

Last week I was feeling pretty down. I was doubting. I was broken. I took out my phone & recorded a rant of my feelings. Today I decided to type it out. Many people asked what was going on in my head last week. What was I thinking? Read on if you're interested:

(Warning: This equals 4.5 typed pages on Word.) 

Monday, March 23, 2015

Terry Peak - Skiing & Snowboarding

As a Christmas gift, Kameron's work gave us two day-passes to a local ski resort called Terry Peak. 

Since we are jobless, waiting for our Zimbabwean work permits, we went one day last month in the middle of the week. I highly suggest going to a ski resort in the middle of the week because there is NO ONE THERE! Everyone else is at work and school. Score! 

I went snowboarding & Kameron went skiing.
Back in high school, my family would get season passes, so I spent my winters on the slopes. First I took ski lessons & more ski lessons & then skied & skied & skied until it got boring. My friends encouraged me to snowboard at a youth group ski trip; I fell in love with the challenge. Once I became familiar with snowboarding, I would teach my friends & boyfriend (now husband)... But I haven't been snowboarding since 2010 probably. --- 5 years ago! I sure was sore after this day shredding the slopes.
Kameron grew up on the prairie. Not much skiing experience. I remember once in high school, before we even started dating, Kam & his buddies went skiing with me. So fun! ---except the poor boy did not tell us he didn't know how to ski. We were waiting for him at the ski lift for awhile. I looked up and saw my man fall, get up, move a foot, and fall again & again & again. By the end of the day, he was more confident & didn't fall as much. On our honeymoon we went skiing, and he did GREAT! And I would say that on our most recent trip to the slopes, he was better at skiing than I was at snowboarding. Way to go hubs!

We were also blessed with beautiful weather & had to shed our heavy coats after the first run.
 Have you ever been skiing or snowboarding? Which do you like better? Leave a comment below.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Stratobowl Hike - Black Hills

This March weather has been incredibly beautiful in the Black Hills! What better way to spend time outside than hiking a new trail with family!

A while back I saw one of my brother's instagram photos & marveled why I had never been to this place, or at least heard of it!

The Stratobowl has a unique history. Interesting fact: it is considered the "birthplace of the space age." From this site balloons were launched into the stratosphere. Hence the name "stratobowl." Visit their website for more information on history.

The hike is easy and short. My 19 month old niece hiked it. My mother who survived a stroke 4 years ago hiked it. My sister with a hulk-sized baby on her back hiked it. You can do it, for sure!

On this hike were: myself, Kameron, my sister & her two kiddos (#babyfrancys & #harrisonthehulk), my mom & my dad. This was the littles' first hike. I'm glad I was a part of it!

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