Monday, October 20, 2014

Sharing Our Story: Carter Gospel Fellowship

This past Sunday the two of us shared about our ministry at a church in Carter, SD. This was one of the first supporters for Kam's parents who are missionaries in South Dakota. We were very excited!

We were in charge of giving the sermon. Twenty minutes long. We were so nervous, and barely knew what we would say. But things came together nicely.

Basically, we used our 3-minute story and expanded, added details on our mission statement, and discussed three things we have learned (and are still learning) during this fundraising period in our lives.

And somehow, God spoke through us.

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We had many people come up to us after the service saying they were very encouraged by what we said. Some were even inspired. & We were humbled. Humbled that what we said (what we scrounged together on the two hour drive on Sunday morning) had an affect on people. God is good.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

What are we doing until we leave?

As you know, Kam and I are leaving in March for a year long mission to Zimbabwe. We are so so so excited to accept God's calling in our lives to use our vocations to spread the love of Jesus. But that is not happening until March. What are we doing until then?
This is such a weird and awesome time in our ministry! God is really showing His faithfulness to us. He definitely has a hand in this trip. We could not be 40% funded without Him. 

We are also:
  • Getting more involved at our church.
  • Spending quality time with our friends & family.
  • Downsizing our stuff.
  • Last-minute camping trips.
  • Having small adventures together.
  • Dreaming of the future.
  • Excepting 2 nephews & 1 niece in the next 5 months.
  • Volunteering when/where we can.
  • Exercising at the YMCA.
  • Limiting the amount of TV watched.
  • Completing jigsaw puzzles.
  • Continuing to strive to be good workers at our current jobs.
Kameron has a few video projects he is working on:
  • A mini-documentary of my grandma baking a Danish pastry.
  • A video for TEAM.
  • Highlight videos of our Romania adventure.
  • An updated version of our support video.
  • Dreaming up other personal projects.
Here are some little personal goals I want to accomplish before we leave in March.
  • Scrapbook our Romanian adventure.
  • Update our Travel/Adventure scrapbook.
  • Use up my yarn stockpile.
  • Re-read all 7 Harry Potter books (just because).
We would love set aside time to chat with you about our ministry in Zimbabwe. Please comment or contact us for more information!

Thursday, October 02, 2014

BBQ Fundraiser: Where God Proved His Faithfulness

Tony Balay. The BBQ man himself.

On Sunday after church, we had a BBQ fundraiser for our trip to Zimbabwe. Tony Balay, a Texas native donated his time & BBQ mastery to provide a fantastically delicious meal for the congregation. The Rimrock missions team, our parents, and other friends & family donated desserts & their time to make this lunch a success! Whenever Kameron or I started a task like serving meat, refilling water pitchers, or tearing down tables at the end of the event, there was a crowd of people that took the responsibility from us so we could meet with interested persons and share our story with others. There was a donation bucket at the front of the line with no "suggested donation" but the congregation emptied their pockets and gave generously! Now as I sit typing up this post, we have 39% of our financial needs pledged & paid for! God is faithful!
Why is it, though, that we doubt God's faithfulness? 

In the days, hours, and minutes before the BBQ began, I was doubting His faithfulness HARDCORE! I was putting all the responsibility on myself, not even sharing tasks with Kameron. All that pressure made me so discouraged and stressed out to the max! The night before I barely slept, and when I did I dreamt that nobody came to the meal. In another dream, so many people came to the event, but we only raised $1. one.stinkin.dollar. Oh boy. Then on Sunday morning, Kam & I arrived early to begin prep-work. & I realized that we had SO MUCH TO DO (& no time to do it in). As the church service started and Kam & I had to make an announcement to the congregation, I was pretty certain that come eating time, there would be no food for people to eat. The guy with the meat was running late. So we would be serving potato salad and lettuce salad. Yum. 

But as we returned from making our announcement there was a noticeable shift. Help had arrived. People were accomplishing tasks. We were more upbeat. We had been prayed over in front of the church & the Holy Spirit came down and acted on us and on the BBQ event. As the first people went through the line, everything was amaze-balls. And let me tell you. We raised more that $1 that day. Oh boy! There was a line so long, you couldn't see the end. It extended to the back of the fellowship hall, up the stairs to the sanctuary. And people stood in line for an HOUR! 

& like I mentioned before --- we are now 39% funded.

Sometimes we feel like it's the two of us trying to get ourselves to Zimbabwe to accomplish our own dreams & adventures. No. God is getting us there to accomplish His work. We are not in this alone. God has called us, and He is faithful to His promises. Duh. We need to stop doubting that.
I'm ending with one last picture from the BBQ, of us with one of my favorite families. The Ewings. I wrote a post on Nic, the dad, a few days ago (read it here).  Nic was my youth pastor & the officiant at our wedding. His wife Sherri is my good friend and mentor. These kids are a joy to my heart every time I see them. Please keep praying for his health and his faith and his family.

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