Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Sunset at Domboshava Rocks, Zimbabwe

While spending some time in Harare, Zimbabwe, we were able to do a bit of hiking. – and you know how much we love hiking!
A few of the local churches participated in a youth conference for a week. One of the nights, we were invited to join them for a hike at Domboshava Rocks to watch the sunset.
Domboshava is a town located not far from Harare, about 30km. It is situated amongst giant granite rock hills. The biggest granite hill is actually a National Monument. Locals and tourists are welcome to visit the park and pay a small fee to climb to the top. The hike is fairly easy and does not take very much time. For most of the time you are walking on hard, sturdy granite. – Just make sure you are not wearing flip flips or other flimsy shoes.
There are some caves with rock paintings as well, but we did not have time to check those out this time. We’ll have to go again and explore all that Domboshava has to offer!

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