We are Kameron & Erin Toews -- pronounced <taves> (which rhymes with "caves"). We are husband & wife. We are in love with each other. We are in love with our Maker. We are in love with creativity. We are in love with documenting. & We are definitely in love with adventure!

We were married the semester before college graduation in our small college town, surrounded by our family & friends. Best. Day. Ever. We are definitely glad to be each other's forever adventure partners.

This blog started as a way to update far away family members about how we were surviving school & marriage & describing our adventures, big & small. It then grew into more of a somewhat meaningless "get all the readers" type of blog. Now we've moved in to writing content we really care about -- you guessed it -- ADVENTURE.

Currently the two of us are on a year-long mission to share the love of Jesus with the people of Zimbabwe. We are being sent by Rimrock Church through the agency TEAM. We live live in a small village called Karanda, founded around a mission hospital. I am using my vocation as a nurse to encourage spiritual health as well as physical healing. Kam is using his gift of videography to better tell our story, the work of the long-term missionaries, the ministry of the hospital and local church, and to provide a creative outlet for the locals in Karanda. Please pray and consider joining us in whatever way you feel called. Click here for more information. Click here to sign up for our Newsletter.

So take a minute & get to know us better. Read through the archives. Check out our social media sites. Write comments. Leave us suggestions and adventure ideas.

Some favorite adventures:
We started a podcast!
Preparing to go to Zimbabwe.
Making the most of our time in the Black Hills.
Visiting friends in Romania for two weeks.
Living in New Jersey for a quick stint. 
Currently challenging myself to 52 Weeks of Art Journaling.
The every day life in Chateau de Toews.

Zimbabwe Adventure:
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Keylight Media
Kameron has his own freelance video company called Keylight Media.
Visit his site to read his blog and to view his amazing work.

(Picture on the top of the page is from our engagement shoot by Katherine Wallin Glidden)
(Wedding picture by Karen Balster Photography)

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