Thursday, August 27, 2015

Mukuvisi Woodlands

Last weekend while a short-term missionary doctor was in Harare on his way home, the Toews + our neighbor Stacy took him to Mukuvisi Woodlands to see some African wildlife.

Mukuvisi Woodlands Wildlife and Environmental Centre is located in Harare, the capital city of Zimbabwe. It was only a 20 minute drive from our guesthouse. Mukuvisi offers opportunity to see wildlife without going deep into the bush! They offer different ways to experience the Woodlands: by horseback or on foot, a quick viewing from a terrace or 2-hour trek around the property with a guide to get up-close & personal with the animals, or a walk through the Bird Park.
We chose the option of a walking safari with a guide.
We saw zebras.
We saw giraffes.
We saw birds.
We saw crocodiles.
We saw turtles.

We saw cacti.
We saw flowers.
We saw impala.
We saw eland.
We saw many trees. (Can you spot my my long-necked friend in the picture above?)
Erin’s favorite of course was the giraffe!
Kameron was the lucky guy with the fancy camera who took all the pictures... So he isn't found in many of these photographs. Thanks Kam!

Our guide’s name was Simba (How appropriate)! Simba was very knowledgeable and answered our many questions about the types of animals found at Mukivisi, ages & names of the animals, etc. He even took a “selfie” with us.
The cost was $4 per adult to get into the park, and $6 per person for the walking safari. So $10 for a fun time seeing African wildlife. Not bad at all! – Granted not all of the Big 5 game can be found at Mukuvisi, you can still see some of God’s amazing creation.

If you come for a visit, maybe we’ll take you there! --- Or maybe you want to take us to Victoria Falls?

And some funny pictures to make you laugh!
Africa's most common animal seen on safari: White Girl. Complete with a latter, touristy hat, and GoPro on a selfie stick.
& Stacy with a random animal's pelvic bone as a mask. Doesn't she look good?

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