Tuesday, July 21, 2015

I lived in a suitcase for the month of June.

Kameron & I moved out of my sister’s house during the last week of May. We had been living there for five months as we have beenwaiting for our work visas so we can volunteer at a mission hospital in Zimbabwe. Even though we did not have our visas yet, we decided we had imposed on my sister & her family long enough, plus we had a house-sitting gig, and then we volunteered at camp for a few weeks. --- Like I was saying, we packed up all of our things, we sold some, we stored some, we through away some junk. Things we didn’t think we’d need for the next couple weeks, we packed up in suitcases & marked “Ready for Zim.” But the clothes we’d need before we took off we packed in one suitcase each. We thought we’d live off those close for one week, maybe longer. The first week of July has come & gone, and we are still living out of those suitcases. (Thought before our road trip to Cali this week, we condensed into smaller “carry-on” suitcases)

I thought it would be fun to share a picture of the clothes & random possessions that I have lived off of for more than a month. Some items I did not use (marked with *). Some items used once & could have done without. Some items I used all the time (marked in bold). Some clothes I never wore, some I wanted to wear more than once per week. I definitely need to go through these bags and weed stuff out. I also need to go through the clothes I have in suitcases at my parents’ house & simplify.

Here's What I Packed
4 pairs of pants
3 shorts
3 dresses/skirts
3 sweatshirts
3 cardigans
1 rain jacket
1 jacket/coat *
9 t-shirts
7-tank tops (I wear as undershirts)
6 pairs of socks *
7 pairs of undies
1 swimsuit
4 scarves
Toms shoes *
Devotional book - “Jesus Calling”
3 notebooks for different purposes
Deck of cards *
Ear plugs & blindfold/eye cover
Essential oils
Diffuser for essential oils
Microphone for podcast
Solar charger*
Washi tape
Sharpie pens
Water bottle
Big suitcase

It is amazing to see what I have lived off of for more than a month. Crazy how all that fit into a suitcase and a backpack! This has taught me that I need to simplify, simplify, simplify! Why do I have so many things?! (Plus we have boxes & boxes in storage…)

What items do you use everyday? Are there any items that you have not used for a month or more? Share your answer in the comments below.

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  1. When we lived in China last year, the husband and I lived out of our two suitcases and two carry-ons for the whole year--we seriously bought practically nothing the whole time we were there, since we knew we were planning to leave soon! :) It's actually pretty incredible how much stuff a single suitcase will hold, isn't it? It helped that we were living in a warm place (and still are), so bulky stuff like scarves, coats, and cardigans weren't needed.


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