Saturday, March 28, 2015

5 Ways to Find Contentment in the Waiting

Yesterday I wrote about the importance of finding contentment in the waiting (that was after posting a long rant about God's timing). Currently we are simply waiting in my sister's basement. We jobless & homeless. Waiting for our Zimbabwean work visas so we can buy our tickets & fly to Zimbabwe to be missionaries for Jesus. Who knows how long we will wait? A couple more weeks? 2-3 months? Longer?

We know it's important to find contentment in this waiting period, but HOW? What can I DO now?

Here are 5 Ways to Find Contentment in the Waiting:
  1. Pray
    Communicate with God. Tell Him your frustrations. Ask Him those big questions. Rant. Cry. Pray silently. Pray allowed when along on a prayer walk. Pray on paper in your journal. Come before Him humbled and ask Him for guidance. Ask Him for comfort. Ask Him to move. Ask Him to be enough. 
  2. Read the BibleHe has left answers, comfort, & guidance for you in His Word. He has made you promises that He will not back down on. Read those truths & memorize them. No one can ever take those truths away from you if you memorize them and engrave them into your heart & mind.
  3. Embrace Community
    The people you know have been through similar experiences, and they can share insights with you. Sometimes they can see the bigger picture. They can embrace you with their hearts & with their arms to bring you confidence & comfort. They can point you in a different direction so you can learn something new about yourself & about the Almighty. 
  4. Enjoy
    Do what you find enjoyable. Do something for fun. Go hiking. Watch your favorite TV show. Complete a craft. Play with kiddos. Play a game. Hit the slopes & go skiing. Just because you are waiting on the Lord to fulfill your destiny, does not mean you have to sit on a chair all day (unless you are caught up in a really good book). 
  5. Relax
    When the waiting is over, there might not be much time for relaxing. For waiting. Take a nap. Take a chill pill. Don't stress. Drink plenty of water & eat plenty of protein. You're going to need it later. 

What are your favorite ways to find contentment in the waiting? Anything to add to my list?


  1. I think we are blogging soul mates! I can totally relate to this post-- also, it's my first visit on your blog and I love it! We also travel a ton and I can't wait to follow all your adventures :)

  2. SO HARD when God calls you to something and you can't just get it done! I think you are right, we have to relax in the waiting because maybe God, in His mercy, is giving us a time for rest before chaos. Isn't He good! I'll be praying for your visas to come through after you get the rest you need!

  3. Having a strong community to support you when you are waiting is essential. I have had waiting times when I felt alone and they are so much more stressful than when you have help.

  4. I totally agree with all of these!! :) I def think that being in community is so vital because the enemy likes to make us think that we are all alone when that is the total opposite of reality! And being in the Word and in His presence is so so important. We can't be patient and hopeful without the Giver of Hope Himself!!!

  5. As a military spouse I am all to familiar with hurry up and wait. These are wonderful ways to find contentment in the waiting. Thank you for linking up on Wednesday with #JoyHopeLive. Hope to see you back next week where I will be featuring this post.

  6. Love this post, girl!! I struggle with being impatient so this is perfect for me <3

  7. I'm an impatient person to the max, especially in this season of life. It's so hard to wait for something that you have no control over, you know? I think I have to spend more time in the Word... thanks for the reminder!

  8. Daisy, blogging soulmates - I love it! I will totes have to check out your blog. =)

  9. I know, right?! Like, He called us to Zimbabwe, asked us to go. & We are just waiting for Him to say NOW is the time. We are jobless & homeless & just waiting for Him. I guess that's the best place to be. Waiting on the Lord.

  10. We have friends & family & church members inviting us into their home for short & long terms until God says it is time to board the plane for Zimbabwe. What would we do without community?

  11. We have friends & family & church members inviting us into their home for short & long terms until God says it is time to board the plane for Zimbabwe. What would we do without community?

    I've been reading Job in this waiting time. Although it doesn't really relate to waiting, my husband & I gave up a lot to spend one year in ZImbabwe & God keeps delaying our departure... things like a permanent home, starting a family, building our carreers, etc. God has a plan for all of it - & in the midst of our struggles we are to BRING HIM PRAISE.

  12. Hope - Thank you for featuring me! I will be back, for sure!

    What have you found that helps you during those "hurry up & wait periods"?

  13. Glad I could help, Chelsea! Keep waiting on the Lord.

    As Beth Moore says: Waiting on HIM is way better than waiting on the THING!

  14. I am a do-er. Why wait on God's plan when in my plans I want to do it NOW? I forget that reading the Word is always in God's plan, & that maybe I will learn more about His will when I am in the Word. A daily struggle. Thanks for the comment Ally.


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