Monday, June 08, 2015

Where are we now? Victory Center Bible Camp

Flash back to the moment where Kameron & Erin Toews first met. Can’t picture it? Neither can we, because it was so long ago we don’t have a clear picture. But we do know that we first met at Victory Center Bible Camp near Ft. Pierre, South Dakota. Kameron’s parents have been the directors of VCBC since the early ‘80s, and my mother was a camper there in her childhood. The two of us were campers since 1st grade and volunteered our summers there when we were in high school. Our connection to this place runs deep.
This week we are back to the place where we met & fell in love!

Because we don’t have anything else to do (seriously. No jobs. No place to live. Just wait for our visas) we decided to volunteer at least a week to help his parents prepare for the first week of camp. We are pleased that this is a unique way that God can use us as He prepares our heart for Zimbabwe. He will provide our visas when He’s good & ready. For now, we will continue to praise His name & go where He sends us.
Our friend Karen is the one who is with us in many of these pictures. Back in the day we were like the Three Amigos.

Did you enjoy these flashbacks? Where did you & your sweetheart meet? Tell me your story.

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