Sunday, July 22, 2012

Camp on the Prairie

Camp isn't camp without sequence, feathers, and glue.

I figured it's about time for me to write a quick blog since Erin has done all the others.

Wife and I returned from Victory Center Bible Camp on Friday after a tiring and hot week on the South Dakota prairie. Erin worked as Assistant Cook, meaning she stood in the kitchen all day making tasty food for 70-some people. Thank the Lord for delicious homemade food at VCBC, especially those fresh caramel rolls by the one and only Sally Wulf.

I was a cabin leader for 10 amazing middle school guys. It has been four years since I last worked at camp, so it was difficult to get back into the groove. This year's camp theme is taken from Romans 12:2: Do not conform, but be transformed! So for our cabin devos we went through the life of Joseph and saw how he allowed God to transform him.

The all-summer camp staff have one more week and are surely exhausted. Praise God for their hard work in the summer heat with the energies of hundreds and hundreds of youngsters. It was a great week, but it's nice to be back in Hisega with the quiet and trees. 

On another note, Rapid City had their fourth annual film festival: 1345 Film Festival. I entered my short film "The Letter" made during my sophomore year at NWC. It was a great festival with films of all genres, but unfortunately the stormy rain and wind forced the outside event to cancel half way through. Thanks to Michael and Dixie Doyle, Rena Addison, and of course my beautiful wife for venturing through the weather to support me!


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