Monday, May 13, 2013

Dominican Republic {revisited}

Spring Break 2011, I went to the Dominican Republic with a group from my college for a service project. We partnered with HOPE International to listen to peoples' stories about micro-loans they received from HOPE and how those loans impacted their small businesses. We listened and wrote those stories down. HOPE now shares those stories with their supporters in order to gain more finances for these micro-loans. We also worked on building a couple houses and grew HOPE's connections with the community that way. 

At the end of out week in the DR, HOPE had us stay at an all inclusive resort to debrief. Our team had a difficult time being there. We saw such a difference between the world outside of the resort, and the lavish lifestyle inside. I guess that was the point. We were supposed to be uncomfortable. And we were supposed to enjoy it. Either way, I got some sweet pictures of some beautiful creatures.

What I like about all these photos is that they are candid,  they are raw, and they are beautiful. I did not alter them in anyway. Nor are any of them staged. What do you think?

 {P.S. while I was in the DR, the hubs was spending a semester studying abroad in Oman. I think it is about his turn to revisit that trip with use via pictures, what do you say?}

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  1. Thanks for the pics! Very eye-opening! Yes, It's Kameron's turn to revisit Oman.


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