Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Drumeții [Hiking]

 Remember last March when Mr. & Mrs. Toews took two weeks off of work & traveled to Romania? What a blast! We had so many adventures: hiking, climbing, caving, roadtripping, etc. Wow! Well it is almost a year later, and I just finished editing another video (yes ME! -- not Kameron, though he is working on getting one out as well...).
Here is a video of us hiking a mountain called Piatra Iorgovanului. The sign at the top says elevation 2014m. We hiked it in March. In the winter. In snow as deep as my knees. Brr! It was hard hard hard hard hard! I swore like a sailor for the last third. (&I never swear). My legs were sore & did not want to move, so they could barely be lifted off the ground - which is a problem because the snow is up past my knees...

You can read my lips when we're sitting on the top. "This is the worst day of my life."

Kameron secretly filmed this adorable message to me, that I only discovered last week while editing this highlight video. Isn't he the best? & notice my pitiful trek through the snow...

The next day I couldn't lift my legs 2 inches off the ground. (& we were suppose to go caving that day. NOPE!)

But it was an awesome hike, & looking back 10 months later, I'm glad I did it.

Click here to watch our caving video.
Click here to watch our climbing video.
Click here to read more post about our trip to Romania.

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  1. Great blog... and I loved the videos.... especially of the one Kam made for you!


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