Sunday, January 25, 2015

Winter Hike: Centennial-Flume Trail (Upper Spring Creek Trailhead)

This past week, I went on a solo hike in the Black Hills. The Hills were calling to my adventurous spirit, and I could not resist the opportunity to find a random trail and enjoy the outdoors! I left my sister's house and just drove deep into the hills looking for a sign pointing to a trail. 
The trail I found is part of the Centennial-Flume Trail. I found the Upper Spring Creek Trailhead off of Sheridan Lake Road, parked, and just started walking. I took some pictures with my iPhone. I listened to some podcasts. I basked in God's beautiful creation. I overcame some fears. I had a great time!
Like I said before, I had to overcome some fears on this trail. I discovered that I have a fear of heights, or maybe a fear of falling. I learned that in Romania while caving in a deep cave and climbing a cliff. 
Along the trail there were several foot bridges. Really just planks of wood crossing the river. No hand rails. No stability. And rarely were they straight. Wobble wobble. 
& I was terrified!
I almost turned around when I saw the first one. But I crossed it & survived.
I almost turned around when I saw the second one. But I crossed it & survived. (But first I slid on the ice before the bridge & fell on my butt).
I SERIOUSLY almost turned around when I saw the third one. But I crossed it & survived.
--- then I had to turn around and do it all because it was time to go home....
But I survived!
There was a bunch of different terrain: ice, snow, rock, & wood foot bridge.
There were some awesome views, as you can tell. And for the middle of January, the weather was lovely! I wore yoga pants & a sweatshirt & earwarmers & my new headphones from Christmas. I'm so glad I was able to take this solo adventure & take this winter hike. 

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