Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Căţărare [Climb] by AdventureLust

Most of today was spent editing this highlight video.
One day in Romania was spent climbing cliffs.
Only three days before this we hiked a mountain in knee-deep snow.
Only two days before this, I could not lift my foot 1 inch off the ground.
Only one day before we were spelunking deep in the bowels of Romania.
Using our "real" camera & trusty GoPro we shot some pretty cool footage.
At one point, Kam climbed halfway up and locked his harness into the side of the cliff & the result is spectacular.
Many of the clips seen in this video were used for the Fără Limite video he made for the Silvas.
Sorry Janelle, no climbing pics of you.

If you missed the highlight video from out Romanian caving experience, you need to click here.

Cameras used: Canon EOS Rebel T3i and GoPro Hero3
Mounts used: Chest, Tripod, Helmet, Clamp
Helen Keller quote provided by Elise Cripe
Pictures edited using the Norma action (minus the deep red shade) from A Beautiful Mess.

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