Friday, June 20, 2014

Art Journal: Week 2

Above is my page for week 2 of my art journaling course. This is being posted late. I promise you that I created this page last week. Cross my heart!

The Challenge for this week was to make a quick and easy page that was black & white. The prompt was a picture that showed happiness/sadness at the same time.

This page was for sure quick & easy. I only had three things to paste in my book. Two Project Life inserts from the Sunshine Edition (by A Beautiful Mess) and a picture from Grandpa Jack's memorial service last October.

The two inserts are black & white. And the everyone in the photo is wearing black and white (mostly) for the service.

This [crazy] picture definitely depicts happiness & sadness at the same time. Losing Jack was really difficult for all of us. He was an extraordinary man - ask any one - it was tough to see him go. But because Jack was so special to all of us, this memorial service was all about celebrating his life. It may be odd to do a crazy picture at a memorial service -- but that is just how we roll.

View the progess of my 52 Weeks of Art Journaling.

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