Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Black Hills Hike: Flume Trail (Loop B)

"The Flume Trail has been designated a National Recreation Trail because of its historical significance to the local people. The historic Flume Trail takes you back in time to the mining boom of the 1880s. The Rockerville Flume carried water 20 miles, from Spring Creek west of present day Sheridan Lake, east to the placer diggings near Rockerville. The flume operated until 1885, and enabled miners to take over $20 million in gold. The trail follows the actual flume bed for much of its length. Along the way you’ll see historic artifacts and parts of the flume itself. Please treat these historic objects with respect, so that others who follow can enjoy this rich history of the Black Hills. Please don’t remove artifacts from the flume or the trail." -Black Hills National Forrest
While we are in this season of waiting, the two of us adventurers have been going on many hikes. Some hikes we have done several times. Others are ones that I, who has lived in the Black Hills nearly all my life, hadn't yet set foot on. 

One of those trails is the Flume Trail. 

The Flume Trail has a rich (pun intended) history, as you read above. I can't believe we've never heard of it, let alone hiked any portion of it. The trail is 14 miles long, including two loops. This spring we finally laced up our hiking shoes (or sometimes our sandals) and took to the trail!

So far we've only walked the two loops, this post has pictures of "Loop B" which we did first -- a little backwards I know, but we aren't the conventional type. 

(This post is a bit belated because we hiked this part of the trail in March. Right after we hiked this, I wrote a couple of posts about contentment: Finding Contentment in the Waiting and also 5 Ways to Find Contentment. This hike did our hearts a lot of good!)

Tune in later this week for another post about Loop A of the Flume Trail!
(and get excited about a possible 2 night trip where we hike the whole thing!!!, hopefully)

Have you ever hiked the Flume Trail in the Black Hills? What are some of your favorite hikes in this area, or in the area where you live. Leave your answer in the comments. 

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