Sunday, April 26, 2015

We Spent Friday Night at a Random, Last Minute Acoustic Jack White Concert.

If you live in Rapid City and did not hear about the Jack White concert on Friday, maybe you live under a rock. It was phenomenal! It was packed! It was last minute! It as acoustic! It was all over the news!

The concert was on Friday night at 8:30pm and was announced only 12 hours beforehand. Tickets were only available at a record store called Ernie Novembers, cost just $3, you could only buy one ticket per person, and the tickets were wristbands that were non-transferrable. They went on sale at noon, and when Kameron & I arrived at 11am, we were probably about 500th in line. They only sold 700 tickets. Wowza! We stood in a long line for two hours on a beautiful Friday afternoon. (I had worked two night shifts prior, and was running off of two hours of sleep) 
I do not call myself a Jack White fan in any sense of the word. and I went for two simple reasons: 1) my brother-in-law drove 5 hours from Sioux Falls to see the concert with us & 2) FOMO.

What is FOMO? It is the "fear of missing out." 

There was so much hype surrounding this big, secret-ish event. Jack White had announce awhile back that sometime he would be visiting the 5 states he had yet to play a show. He informed his fans that the shows wouldn't be announced until the day of the show. But that was basically the only information. 

How fun is it to wake up, hear tickets to a big, acoustic, Jack White show are on sale for only $3 each, you can only buy one ticket, and then he's not going on tour for a long time. Who would want to miss out on that? 
Certainly not us!
Don't ask us how we got Karsten into the show. Though we will tell you that he was wearing a wrist band that was bought at Ernie Novembers at the same time we bought ours, and that it did not appear to be tampered with. The rest is up for speculation. 

Seeing a Jack White in concert had been on Karsten's bucket list for a long time. It is the last show that he needed to cross off that list. We both had a lot of fun being with him at a concert he cared so much about. 

While we waited for Jack to take the stage, we listened to music being played on an old-school cassette on an old-school boombox . Several times one of the stage hands would come on stage and switch the tape. Very unique!

Another man came on stage to announce Jack would be starting soon. He encouraged us to put away our phones, not to take pictures or videos, and stop tweeting until the concert was over. Jack wants us to be fully present & to listen to the music with our souls. He gave us permission to use the photographs from his website so we could share the experience with everyone who missed out. 

& then Jack White took the stage!
The audience in the crowd had a lot of energy. Everyone was hyped up from the excitement of standing in line all day & waiting for the special show. We all stood for the first few songs instead of sitting in the theater seats of the Performing Arts Center of Rapid City. Eventually Jack told us all "Go ahead & sit down, we're just getting started."

& he wasn't lying!

He played a great show! Guitar, mandolin, fiddle, & upright bass. The music was all acoustic. Music from all different genres were played with a unique bluegrass-y vibe. I only knew one or two songs. But that did not stop me from clapping and smiling through the whole concert. 

One of the songs he played was "We're Going to be Friends." Back before Kam & I were even dating, we made a music video to that song. Watch it here. 
Part way through the show he brought out a cellphone & called his mother. Was it really his mom? Unsure. But it was pretty entertaining. She didn't seem to know what was going on, nor why there was laughing & cheering after everything she said. Then at the end she introduced the song "Hotel Yorba," after prompting from Jack. He said "I'll explain later." 

A three song encore was the perfect ending to a very exciting, energetic, and perfect show!
Has anyone else ever been to a Jack White show? What has been a favorite concert you've ever attended?


  1. Tanj from A TravelogueMay 3, 2015 at 5:02 PM

    Sounds pretty cool! I will google them and try to listen to their songs... pretty interesting! :)

  2. Hehe, I like the Mom part. He seems like a funny guy.


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