Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Beautycounter Lip Balm Giveaway

Hello friends! Today you get two posts for the price of one! & an opportunity to win some lip balm courtesy of Beautycounter. The thing about this lip balm is that it is made from natural ingredients. Using natural beauty products (or really any natural products in general) is a direction I am trying to take. My mother-in-law has introduced me to some essential oils (I use peppermint, lavender, Stress Away, PanWay, and Thieves--- maybe I'll write a blog post on that??). What natural make-up & beauty products do you recommend?

To promote awareness of safe and healthy makeup, my new friend Sarah at Beautycounter is offering an amazing giveaway this week. Take it away Sarah...
Hi! My name is Sarah Featherstone, and I’m so excited to be here! I’m a wife and stay-at-home mom to a one-year-old son, Rowan. When not chasing him around, you can find me over at A Lovely Feather and most recently, growing my business with Beautycounter, a non-toxic brand of beauty products and cosmetics that are invigorating, safe and effective.
beauty counter 3
I’m a conscious consumer, especially when it comes to what I eat, but I had never thought much about the safety of the products I put on my skin. When I found out I was pregnant, however, I started thinking about how every choice I made also affected my growing child. When I started looking for safe products, I was surprised that the beauty industry is largely self-regulated. The last federal law regulating the ingredients used in beauty products was passed in 1938. The EU has banned over 1,300 ingredients known to be harmful; the U.S. has banned only 11. Companies don’t have to disclose what’s in the products they’re selling, even if the ingredients are known toxins.
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Beautycounter is hoping to change that. They have over 1,500 harmful ingredients that they will never use, and one of the strictest safety standards in the industry. The company has partnered with several nonprofits, including the Breast Cancer Fund and Healthy Child Healthy World, and they are working to help change the legislation regarding the beauty industry.
Beautycounter giveaway
When I found out what Beautycounter was doing, I knew I wanted to be a part of the mission. And, after I tried their products, I was sold. The products were the best I had ever used, and most importantly, I knew they were safe so I could feel good using them.

It’s been a wonderful experience so far working with Beautycounter, and I’m thrilled to be here offering a chance to win one of our best-selling products! The Lip Conditioner Calendula Balm is one of our perfect lip moisturizers, formulated with regenerating oils and flower extracts. It’s great worn alone, or paired with your favorite Lip Sheer. You’ll love it!
Beautycounter giveaway
To enter, follow the directions in the Rafflecopter below. You have a total of nine chances to enter! A winner will be chosen on Wednesday, May 6. Good luck!

**For more information on any of the products or on how to get involved, contact Sarah via her Beautycounter website or at alovelyfeatherblog [at]

For more information about Beautycounter, please watch the video below.


  1. I'd also love to try their best-selling 'TOUCHUP SKIN CONCEALER PEN' - looks similar to the Touche Éclat!

  2. I would like to try the lip balm! Camomille is so soothing


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