Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Third Anniversary

3 years ago we had the happiest shoes as they walked us down the aisle & stood us firm on our alter as we said our vows & danced our first of many dances & moved us forward to begin our marriage full of adventures // happy anniversary @kamtoews you have always been & will always be my perfect gift

Wow! Today marks the day that we have been married three years! THREE WHOLE YEARS! I almost can't believe it.

Three years of being life partners with my best friend.
Three years of adventures.
Three years of dreaming of the "next big adventure."
Three years of frozen pizzas when no one wants to cook.
Three years of deciding between light girlie beers or dark hoppy cold ones.
Three years of celebrating holidays, birthdays, and small, but momentous occasions.
Three years of balancing work, life, and love.
Three years of bickering & silly fights.
Three years of making up 5 minutes later when one realizes our love runs deeper.
Three years of loving God, loving people, and loving each other.
Three years of wedded bliss.

Happy Anniversary, Kameron. I love you more that you (& sometimes I) know.
Here's to year #4 & beyond!

This morning I was suddenly awoke by a cheerful round of "Happy Anniversary to you" and breakfast in bed, complete with heart-shaped toast! We showed each other pictures of the gift we'd bought for each other that are still making their way to our mailboxes (oh the joys of online shopping). Kam got me a leather headband & a leather journal cover! I got him a leather camera bag! (note the 3rd year anniversary gift theme of LEATHER).

Today Kameron is working at KNBN, and I am working on packing, sending Xmas cards, and baking. In the evening we are exciting for a mealtime adventure! We will be doing a progressive supper & going to our favorite restaurants for our favorite courses/sides. We don't have it completely planned, but there will likely be a stop at Sanfords for appetizers & drinks and another stop at Texas Roadhouse for those delicious buns & cinnamon butter. Any other suggestions? Then we might hit up a movie. The Hobbit or the Mockingly depending on how much time we have left. We'll try to document our experience.

(also, it might be embarrassing, but I am wearing almost the same outfit as i wore on our 1st anniversary. oh well. i'll embrace the fact that i still fit in it.)

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Wedding Day in Orange City, IA
1st Anniversary in NYC
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