Thursday, January 03, 2013

Anniversary: Photo Journey

I absolutely love my beautiful wife. She's been my safety and encouragement for so long, and now she's been my wife for over a year.

Erin asked me to write the anniversary post weeks ago, but I kept putting it off. I'll take you though a quick photo journey of December 16, 2012 in NYC.

Started out early from Great Aunt Enid's.
Stumbled upon a big outdoor market in Central Park.
Found an awesome place to ice skate in Central Park.

Original transportation: walking
Old transportation: horse & buggy
New transportation: taxi cabs

Strolled down 5th Ave. and wondered how Santa got this present on his sleigh.
Came to 30 Rock and met Liz Lemmon... not really.
Saw the tree (again) at Rockefeller Center...
...and the ice skating below it.
Looked good all day.
 Hit the NBC Studio gift shop to find a few gems.
(hubba hubba)
Broke a leg at Lion King on Broadway. (No photos inside. They have this rule...)
Finished the day strong with some delicious Thai food. 
Cheers to the best first year of marriage a guy could wish for, and here's to many more. Love you, Toots!

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