Friday, December 12, 2014

December currently...

Packing up our apartment we lovingly call Chateau de Toews. After Christmas we will be moving in with my sister & her husband & two kiddos for a couple months before we take off on our Zimbabwean adventure. Purging our closets of junk we haven't touched in the 2 years we've lived here. Selling all the big items on Craigslist. Feeling a sense of loss & sadness because I've build too much emotional attachment to my material possessions.

Listening to the podcast called Serial. Haven't subsribed? You definetely should. Kam has yet to catch on to the new craze... but we've got a lot of traveling coming up, so you can bet I will stop at nothing to convince him to take a listen.

Enjoying 60-70 degree weather. Yes. It is Dcember. Yes. We live in Rapid City, SD. But it feels like early fall. The picture above looks like it was taken taken in October. But it could have been yesterday. I am loving the extra vitamin D from spending more time out in the sun. Did you know that Rapid City was named the city with the most unpredictable weather. I believe it!

Fundraising, fundraising, & more fundraising. We hope to reach 75% pledged by Christmas. Currently, we have enough funds to go to Pre-Departure Orientation in February. We need 100% of our funds to step on the airplane in March. (Would you like to help us out by donating online?)

Planning some trips before the big trip. This weekend we are headed East River to see my big brother & his family. We don't spend much time with them since they live on the other side of the state. But I need some Connor cuddles & Emma-Erin time before we become continents apart. Kam's extended family is having an Xmas get-together in the area this weekend as well. Then on Sunday morning we are sharing about our ministry at a church in Platte, SD. In the beginning of February is Pre-Departure Orientation with TEAM near Chicago. Probably going to drive there & spend a few days in Orange City (where we went to college) to meet up with old friends. & hopefully explore one of my favorite cities Chicago. At the end of February, we are headed to the East Coast for a last hurrah before we leave the country. Part of the time will be a belated anniversary gift to ourselves spending a few days in Savannah, GA (because it seems like a whimsical place & we want to move there someday). Most of the time we will be in Charlottesville, VA visiting a different big brother & his girlfriend & their little baby (due March 1st) --- & also my little brother who just moved in with them. Then of course in the middle of March --- ZIMBABWE!

Contemplating buying an e-reader. Big step for this lover of physical books. I love turning pages. The smell of a good book. Feeling the weight of the book shift like a set of scales tipping as I read from beginning to end. But the convenience of an e-reader. That sounds nice too. Especially as we are simplifying & traveling. What do you recommend.

Always dreaming big dreams. Yes we are leaving to spend a year Zimbabwe in just 3 short months, but then what? What is our life going to look like long term? Different than it does now, that's for sure. Will we continue on in Zim? Will we settle down somewhere & pop out a bunch of kiddos? Will we start a new crazy adventure? Right now we are inspired by a lot of dreams. But one has really peaked our interest & these guys are only making those dreams brighter.

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  1. I am a huge lover of physical books, but I love my Kindle for travel. I have the model with "free" global 3g, which was a bit more expensive in the beginning but has proven to be worthwhile — I was able to download books without wifi in rural Chile a couple of years ago.

    I still go to the library frequently, and I still love the weight and smell of a "real" book, but I find myself reaching for my Kindle more and more often. The books tend to be cheaper, and there is nothing better than having access to 1,000 + books at a time, without having a bag that is overstuffed and heavy.


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