Thursday, March 07, 2013

Empty Apartment Walk-Through

Now that we have lived in our new place for more than a month, here is an inside peek at where we live. It will be an empty view. As we complete more projects and decorating, pictures & video will be posted, so hold your horses.
Walking in our front door. To the left is the living room. To the right is the kitchen & dining area. Straight ahead is the hallway to the bedrooms & bathrooms.
 View from the living room. Straight ahead is the kitchen/dining room. Hallway on right & entry on left. Also right inside the kitchen is the entry closet.
Kitchen. (with BIG windowsill) 
View from the kitchen to the living room. Sliding doors lead to our patio.
View out the patio.
Looking at the patio. Door on right is a big storage closet. Window on left is to the bedroom.
Go into the hallway and the first room is the guest bathroom.
Followed by the guestroom (99% of the time used as the office/craft room)

Our bedroom view from the closet. Door on left is to the master bathroom. Door on right is to the rest of the apartment.
 The master bathroom.
And last but not least: Huge walk-in closet in our bedroom.

As you can tell, there is a LOT of potential. We fell in love with the apartment right away. It is the first of about 10 that we looked at, and we stuck with it. It is so fun to finally be in a place that will have some stability to it. After a few years at college living in different rooms, dorms, houses, and complexes, and living at home, and traveling the world, and surviving a hurricane, stability sounds nice. For the next year, we know where we are going to live. 

It is already starting to feel like home. The other day the hubs & I were sitting on the couch, he reading and she crocheting. I turned to him and sighed. His response showed he knew what I was thinking and feeling. "This feels like home."

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