Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Site Updates

You probably have noticed some changes to this blog.

We've been stuck in Charlottesville, Virginia for a few extra days. We came here after going to Savannah so we could visit two of my brothers before going to Zim. One of those brothers was due to have a baby - due date Feb 27. Our flight was scheduled to depart on March 6. & baby still wasn't born yet. Sad! Well then it started snowing heavy heavy snow & our flight was canceled. Mama was induced on March 6 & born on March 7th. & We've got to spend a couple days cuddling with the newborn Ella.

All that to say, I had some unexpected down-time to revamp the look of the blog. This will be a work is progress as I have time. Hopefully I get everything changed that I want to before leaving the country.

Some of you may still be following us at www.ketoews.blogspot.com - now you can follow us at www.toewsadventure.com. You'll be redirected either way. 

If you use Bloglovin': Toews Adventure

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