Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Our Patio Garden

This summer I am a baby gardener. Never have I ever had my own garden. Growing up, I watched my mother toil in her garden and would eat the fruits (or veggies) of her labor.

Now that the hubs and I are living in our own place for an extended period of time, I decided that I should plant some vegetables. The only thing is --- we live in an apartment. but I would not be hindered!
Some of my favorite bloggers have their own patio or container gardens. They grow all sorts of vegetables even though they live in apartments. So, why not me?

I bought some seeds, I bought some soil, I bought some pots, and I began planting.
Actually first I planted my seeds in egg shells. I had read that starting seedlings in eggshells and then transplanting them to your garden helps your veggies grow because of all of the nutrients in the egg shells. (I was originally planning on transplanting the little guys to my mother's garden, but then later decided to have my own patio garden)...
After those little sprouts grew bigger and bigger, I transplanted them into degradable little pots (because again, I was going to transplant them into the ground).
Once I made the decision that I would keep those sprouts for myself, I transplanted them to bigger, deeper, more durable pots. I also keep adding more plants to my collection, like a strawberry bush, and chocolate peppers. (So far those are the only ones that have not started out from seeds).
During the first part of spring, I kept my baby veggies inside to avoid the frost. I tried to keep them in as much sun as possible, and would water them so they would grown nice and big!
Now the pots are outside being watered by myself & by the spring rains. I have seen them grow a lot better ever since I have moved them outside.

A big regret I have is transplanting those poor little sprouts so many times. Each move would cause a lot of stress on them and a lot of the little guys would die. Luckily more grew back, so hopefully I will have something to harvest. Next year I will start my seeds in the bigger pots and keep them there for the duration.
Perhaps next year, I might even transplant veggies from a greenhouse. That will probably save me a lot of hassle.

Also for next year, I want to find some interesting containers for my patio garden. Something like old boots, hanging planters, baskets, or buckets. Who knows what I will find. 
Stayed tune later for a post on Little House Living with tips on growing veggies in pots. 


  1. I've been thinking about starting up a little garden too! We just don't have the space right now :) I've never heard of planting in egg shells before.. NEATO! :)


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