Monday, June 03, 2013

Summer Book Swap

In May I participated in a book swap sponsored by Kimberly at The Simplicity. I was partnered with another blogger, got to know her, and then we swap books over snail mail.

The blogger I got to know was Christine over at Life with a Side of Coffee. It was so fun to chat with her and find out about her interests. We spent some time on Gmail Chat talking about books. What fun! She is from Chicago, and many of you know my love for Chicago. How fun!
Over the weekend, my box arrived in the mail, and I was thrilled! I got two Jane Austen books! (and chocolate, which I ate before having the time to take a picture.) Yay! The books I received were Sense & Sensibility and Mansfield Park. A big bonus is the cover of Mansfield Park. I am a sucker for unique covers. (&for Jane Austen)

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