Wednesday, June 05, 2013

24 @ 24

So on Sunday I turned 24. Happy Birthday to me!

The day started out good. The hubs woke up early with me (I had to work 7a-7p at the hospital, on my birthday). He made me breakfast and watched me open my present. He gave me the board game, Carcassone. A game we would always play with his college buddies. I was thrilled. (we've already played it twice...) This was his second birthday present of the year as a couple days before he presented me with one of my favorite movies You've Got Mail. I used to own this movie, but my little brother accidentally gave it to a Red Box when trying to return a different movie.

(To prove to my readers that my life is not all happy, like most of the things I blogged about, along with having to work a 12 hours shift on my birthday... I was also sick. =(. When I got home from work I was so nauseous & exhausted, I went straight to bed instead of eating the roast beef meal Kam made me.)

Because I love to do lists & documenting life, I made a list of 24 To Do's @ age 24.

I got both the idea and the scrap book paper from Elise over at Enjoy It.
Some of the things are new for this year. Some of the things are stuff I have done, but would like to do again. Some of the things are already well on their way to being accomplished. 

I hope to document the crossing off of items on the list by making a mini-book and/or posting on the blog. Just another way to keep me accountable. The hubs is also good at asking and nudging me to accomplish my goals. 

I can't wait to see where this new year of my life takes me. 



  1. happy birthday!!!!! wahooo! i love this list and this idea!

  2. Happy Birthday!! I adore You've Got Mail. Such a sweet gift!

  3. happy birthday! a little late, i know! I love making birthday lists... have 7 months to finish mine!


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