Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wedding: DIY Flowers

All pictures copyright: Karen Balster Photography
I think my flowers turned out beautifully.  Would you ever guess that I did them myself? (with the help of some awesome girlfriends, sister, mother, etc --- thank you).

Where did I order them from?
I thought their service was pretty good. The product was a very good price. There was a little problem with my order, however. About a week before the wedding, they called and said one of their flower fields was frozen over from a big frost in California, and would I mind if they upgraded one of my flower choices. Good thing I was not a bride-zilla. Of course that was ok with me. Originally I had wanted THIS pink flower, but I liked the way my bouquet turned out a lot better than how the original would have looked. What do you think?

When did I arrange them? 2 nights before the ceremony. The church had a big fridge where I could store them until the wedding. How lucky was I? They kept pretty fresh, if I may say so myself.

How did I do them? Uniquely enough, my friend Jenna had taken a flower arranging class in the past, and volunteered to help me arrange them. I had a lot of people also volunteer to help, and we got them finished in no time at all. Using green flower tape, ribbon, and a few pins, we secured them and placed them in water inside the church's big fridges for a couple nights before the wedding ceremony.

Where did I use them? We made a big bouquet for me, and 4 smaller ones for the girls. Extra flowers went into other bouquets for tables, the alter, and various other decorations. Last minute we remembered boutonnieres. So baby's breath and calla lilies did the trick there.

How much did I spend? somewhere around $350. -- yeah pretty good price for real flowers.

Do I reccomend this route? Totally. It was cheap & easy. It also allowed some awesome girl time before the wedding. But I guess it depends on who you are and what you like to do. Our wedding was very DIY & frugal driven. If that is not you, I would suggest fake flowers and/or getting a florist to help you out.

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