Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Biggest Fans {Responses}

A couple weeks ago, we posted about two of our biggest fans. We asked them questions. Challenged their loyalty, and here are there responses.


  1. What has been your favorite post so far?
  2. Your least favorite?
  3. What topic would you like us to write about?
  4. Would you ever consider being a guest writer for us?
  5. and last, but not lease, since only ONE of you can be our biggest fan, and the other, our second biggest fan, How can you prove to us, and our other readers, that you are indeed, the most loyal reader?


1. My favorite posts by far were the almost daily updates when you guys were road tripping to NJ. I liked the daily update on how seedy the campground had been each night, as well as the food pictures. Also, anything involving Shawshank and I was on board.

2. My least favorite???  This sounds like a trick question so that you have ammo to start a fight at Xmas.

3. I think you should write more about religion and politics.

4. Of course I would consider being a guest writer. DUH!! (We'll have to take you up on that)

5. After looking at a picture of Nate, I am by far your biggest fan. That dude can't weigh more than 150 pounds, sopping wet, with bricks in both pockets. I think that pretty much settles that arguement.

As far as loyalty, to steal a line from my best man speech: "Kameron, I feel like I have known you my whole life. You are like a brother to me."


1. I've enjoyed the road trip posts. I love that you guys googled "things to do in Ohio"

2. Can I skip this one???

3. Compare/ Contrast South Dakota to New Jersey

4. Perhaps

5. I may or may not have had a foam hand made that says "Mr. & Mrs. Toews #1"... (I'd really like to see that)

Thank you boys for your answers. I know we all feel enlightened. We'll try and write about your #3 suggestions. What about everyone else. Feel free to answer the questions. Especially about what topics we should cover. ---over & out.

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