Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Today's Thought: Thankfulness

Sometimes I don't like Newark. It's not a fun city.

Maybe it's because the church I'm working at is already discussing serving Thanksgiving meals, but last week I realized there are plenty of things to be grateful for in Newark -- it just takes some searching. I've been challenged to see where God is working, and I think God is working in the people, places, songs, and things that make me smile. Here's a short list of what I've been thankful for lately.

// The man in the red leather jacket on the corner of Broad and Market Streets selling cigarettes every morning by methodically yelling an incomprehensible word sounding like "smokeses."

// The middle aged guy at the bus stop jamming to his portable tape player. If only knew how hipster he really is.

// The radio station that played a Gospel reggae song on my drive home from church.

// Thick heavy socks from Pac Rat Palace in Rapid City, SD -- and cozy handmade hats from my soul mate.

// "Saved by the Bell" &  "Boy Meets World" marathons every Saturday morning and afternoon.

// Finding a new radio preset #4 station that played "The Boxer" by Mumford & Sons, Paul Simon, and Jerry Douglas. (Play it in the Spotify window below or click here.)

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