Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Bumps Have Been Flattened

Remember those bumps I talked about earlier? the bumps from two weeks ago. Well, thank the LORD! because those bumps have been smoothed. There was a lot of confusion that first week of work and a lot of lack of communication between the people that should be communicating the most about my work placement site, and about my job description. Let me tell you. If you are an RN and want to do a internship with the ESC or probably even the Americorps, you might run into a lot of bumps and confusion. The term "intern" means a lot of different things to a lot of different people, and for a while, some of those people didn't think that I should be able to practice nursing as an intern. Hmm... They had me at a placement where I would shadow a nurse at home visits, for a year. They told me I couldn't touch anybody, talk to anybody, help anybody. If a kid fell down, I couldn't even give him basic first aid. Needless to say -- not a happy camper. So something had to be changed.

So starting last week I was placed at the Therapeutic Nursery with preschool kids with behavioral issues. They are the cutest - and scariest- kids I have ever met. The TN is part of the bigger organization called the Youth Consultation Service (YCS) which provides services for youth from babies to young adults who are in economic need, behavior and mental health issues. My duties include being a school nurse of sorts, placing band-aids on boo-boos, kissing the head of dolls who were dropped, teaching classes on activities of daily living (hand washing, tooth brushing...), organizing a diaper drive, eating with the kids, playing with the kids, etc, etc. I love my job. I am split half-and-half between two different sites, each with about 30 kids. I know I am going to form some awesome attachments to those little munchkins!

I am organizing a Diaper Drive to benefit the kids at the TN. Many of the kids are not potty trained, and/or sometimes wet their pants, and many days their parents do not provide extra pull-ups or underwear at the TN. So we are in need of a stock of pull-ups, underwear, and wipes so that we can keep our kids clean and healthy. If any of you would like to contribute to this Diaper Drive, I have made it super easy for our family, friends, readers, to donate. All you have to do is check out THIS Amazon.com wishlist, pick any item on the list, any purchase it - the package will be delivered to my workplace. Any donation will be greatly appreciated by the staff an kids at the TN. This is an ongoing Drive, and you better believe that I will be posting this again later!

Please take a minute and watch the video that I posted a few days ago. The Butterfly Circus.  Made.me.cry. In a good way. What do you think?

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