Thursday, September 20, 2012

[Inspired]: Today's Letters

I enjoy reading a blog called  Today's Letters, written by a couple that are most definitely in love and show it constantly, whether it be by bringing breakfast in bed, going fly fishing together, constantly asking for forgiveness, or writing each other letters. So this post, dear ones, is inspired by them.

Dear Kameron Seth, we have lived in Newark for exactly 4 weeks. What at adventure those weeks have been! Our road trip here, adventures on NJ Transit, cruises around & strolls through NYC, date nights in the burbs, and game nights with our housemates. What will happen next? Dear YCS, Even though we had a bumpy start, I am beginning to like you more and more each day. Thank you for challenging me and for bringing me hugs from the cutest munchkins in Jersey. Dear bus 13(T,B, and even M), you are the all-time worst. Why are you never on-time? Why do you come 5 minutes early, leaving me to eat your exhaust? You do motivate me to walk 1 mile each morning to my next bus instead of waiting for you to show up... I'll give you that. Dear Mr. Toews (who gets two letters), thank you for your patience, love, forgiveness, and support as I get settled at work. Thank you for listening to me rant. Thank you for letting me nap, even if you want to talk and hang out. Thank you for packing lunches, and for getting up at the crack of dawn to see me off before work. I am jealous of your relaxing morning and appreciate your sleep sacrifice. Reason #2 why boy roommates rock!

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