Tuesday, September 25, 2012

NYC: Seminary, Istanbul, & Ingrid

Isn't it funny how many events we can pack into our little packet of freedom called the week end? Since we've been in Newark, week ends are pretty much go, go, go. See all you can see.

Last Friday and Saturday I was invited to attend the Episcopal Evangelism Conference in Midtown Manhattan at the Episcopal General Theological Seminary. My housemate Andrew came with me. The days were long, but sessions on changing the Church from attractional to missional were wonderful!

Friday night allowed Andrew and I to wander the streets looking for some yummy chow. We ended up at a little Turkish restaurant, ordering lamb, rich, and hummus.

The conference ended Saturday afternoon, but later that night Ingrid Michaelson played a concert in Staten Island, so I stayed in NYC all afternoon. I meandered my way Downtown, finding some remarkable things like $1 pizzas, saxophone jammers, and Amish Markets.

I met up with Erin that evening for an awesome Ingrid concert -- besides the chatting high schoolers sitting behind us. The concert was at the elegantly detailed St. Georges Theater, so I felt a bit like royalty in the 1700's. I did learn that a sleep deprived musician makes for some hilarious stories. And her soothing, popping grooves were great too. Chalk up one more cool thing accomplished by Mr. and Mrs. Toews.


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