Thursday, September 13, 2012

Date Night #1

A habit Kameron & I want to start is Date Night. Since we moved into a house with 3 other people, started an intense intern program, and began working during the days, we barely have time to have one-on-one time, let alone a single conversation. Thus, Date Night was started. Last night we had our first Date Night. (Though one could count the morning we spent in NYC by ourselves... but that wasn't official).

Date Night #1 started out with eating leftover pizza at our house - how romantic! Then we drove, I repeat drove - not took the bus, to a cute suburb of Newark called Maplewood to watch the French film, the Intouchables. Have you ever heard of it? The blog I read posted the trailer a few months ago, and I had wanted to go ever since.

 The Maplewood theater was a quaint little place with a light-up marquee, where you pay at a window before walking inside, and where the popcorn is, unfortunately, quite stale. <sad face>. On the upside, the move was fantastic! Normally I do not like to read movies because I get too distracted by the reading and never end up enjoying the actual film. In this case, I was completely drawn in to the characters, the plot, the French, the everything. The Intouchables is a film about finding friendship in the most unlikely circumstance. About finding respect for the most unlikely stranger. and about being the best you can be, and not the best someone else can be. I was sad when there were only 6 other people in the theater with us. It should have been a packed house. The three ladies next to us were laughing & crying through every scene - but not in a distracting, annoying, throw-popcorn-at-them kind of way - we were doing it too!

After the movie, we took a stroll through downtown Maplewood and decided it was a place in which we needed to return in the future. We stopped at an ice cream shop and ordered a dish of Mint Moose Tracks - YUM! and sat at a bench in the park. It was nice to sit and relax with each other and go over our weeks and feelings and hopes and dreams and worries and love for each other. Wonder what Date Night #2 will bring. Any suggestions?

Tonight we are invited onto a Harbor Cruise with the Seamen's Church Institute, because our roommate works as a chaplain for them. All the interns in our house are going, so it will be a good time to fellowship together, meet new people, and eat free food & drinks.

Hope everyone's weeks are super-fantastic. We want to know - - - what has inspired you this week? For us it was watching the Intouchables.

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