Thursday, September 06, 2012

2 Trips to the Big Apple later...

Hard to believe we moved into our house 2 weeks ago. Time sure does fly! And we have been BUSY! Busy getting to know our roommates, fellow interns, supervisors, Board members,  Newark, NYC, and our worksites.

You will never guess where we were on Friday morning: Central Park at a free Good Morning America concert! and who was performing? That's right, the Backstreet Boys! The 5 of us woke up at 3am, caught the Path (NJ train into NYC), hopped on the subway, and partied like it was 1998 with the BSB. Although we did not have a good view, it was a blast!

backstreet boys, good morning america,

backstreet boys, good morning america, brian
 Brian from the BSB came out of his trailer before the show to pose for a picture. 

pretzel cart, food, nyc

After the concert, we commenced with other fun NYC-ish activities such as walking down Wall Street, catching a glimpse of the Brooklyn Bridge, touring through St. Paul's chapel, strolling through Battery Park, eating pretzels from a street vendor, and watching "3 sexy black men doing flips." (check out the video)

flips, three sexy black men doing flips, battery park, nyc,

After the loooooong day in the city, we stopped at the other interns' house for supper, then took the bus back to our house. We were told to get off at Penn Station, but were never told what stop that was. As we were riding the bus, a lady sitting next to me said "Ma'am, that was your stop, tell the bus driver to let you off." How did she know which stop what ours? Why was she kind enough to inform us we missed our stop? So far we have met some very friendly strangers in Newark. Maybe kinder than strangers in Orange City? Dare I say.

After that long, fun, tiring, exhausting day, the weekend was spent in silence and solitude, recovering. 

On Monday, Kameron & I ventured by ourselves back to the Big Apple to explore on our own. Highlights include:
       // Battery Park (again)
       // Riding the Staten Island Ferry
       // Getting a good view of the Statue of Liberty
       // Walking down Time Square
       // Seeing the Naked Cowboy
       // Hersey's Store, M&M store, Disney Store, HUGE American Eagle store
       // eating from a hot dog stand
       // Seeing NBC studio
       // Meeting up with our housemates for a picnic with other interns from the NYC area -- the picnic was at an OLD church -called the Church of the Intercession- we took a tour of the sanctuary and the crypt. interesting fact: the crypt is part of the set of a new ABC TV show called "666 Park Avenue" -check it out.

statue of libery, nyc,

rainbow, room, NBC, nyc, rockerfeller

time square, nyc, naked cowboy, city,

hot dog

This week was the first week of starting our jobs. There were some bumps, but also some joys. 
// Please pray that Kameron and I can be flexible at our work sites and find joy in serving others and in serving the Lord. 
// Please pray that the bumps get smoothed out. 

flowers, pink,
 (The flowers Kameron bought for my first day of (very bumpy) work. What a sweet hubs I have!)

In the morning, the two of us are heading back to the Mother Land - SOUTH DAKOTA! For Kami's (Kameron's sister) wedding.
// Please pray for our journey
// Please pray for Kami & Brandon's nerves (and their parents' too!)
// Please pray for my Grandma Marie, as she is celebrating her 90th birthday this weekend!

// Please pray for continued growth in our community house

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