Thursday, August 30, 2012


We're a week behind already. Yikes, the days of orienting ourselves to a new place are flying by.  Take a few steps back and I'll catch you up.

After Ohio we made our way to DC and a lovely little campground outside the city. Actually a nice campground-- not a trailer park. We took "park & ride" to the city, which allows you to park in the burbs and Metro into the city. With Erin's direction, we navigated the subway through the city, starting with the National Mall.

Before long the tummys began a'rumbling, and we walked our way to the Hard Rock Cafe--somewhere neither of us had ever been before. Here we took the time to actually plan a route for the day. 

Sights included:
//Hirshhorn Art Museum
//White House
//Washington Monument (Closed for repairs)
//WWII Memorial
//Lincoln Memorial
//Franklin Roosevelt Memorial
//Thomas Jefferson Memorial
//Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial
//Holocaust Museum
//US Capitol Building
//Georgetown University
//Buy 1 Get 1 Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream

washington DC, monument, washington

white house, washington d.c.

lincoln memorial, washington dc

capitol building, washington dc

Our first trip to the Nation's capitol wore us our to the point of exhaustion, but we were highly impressed by both the natural and man-made beauty of the city. We could have spent a week in DC and not see everything, so our afternoon just skimmed the fat off the milk's surface. Rumor has it NEWARK ACTS will lead us on a weekend trip to DC later this year.


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