Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Day #6

We had so much fun this day! We spent it exploring the town called Mansfield, Ohio. This is a town I discovered online when I Googled "things to do in Ohio." The main reason for this stop was to take a tour the Ohio State Reformatory aka Shawshank. Movies such as Air Force One and, of course, Shawshank Redemption were filmed here. We learned that the day before Hollywood wanted to start filming SR, the state was planning to send in the wrecking ball, so a plea to the governor was made, and OSR was saved and made into a historical site. Of course Hollywood could make some alterations, like install a safe into the wall of the Warden's office and inscribe "Brooks was here" into the ceiling -- apparently they filmed a lot of non-jail scenes in OSR and all of the cell block scenes were filmed elsewhere because they wanted the cells to face each other (the cells at OSR are back-to-back not face-to-face. We had a blast touring this old prison.

Other adventures in Mansfield:
// browsing through an old antique shop (the one Brooks looked through the window at the compass)
// riding an old carousel (Kam's first experience)
// strolling in Central Park looking at the war memorials
// eating gyros & baklava at Athens Greek restaurant
// relaxing at Charles Mill Lake (would recommend this to anyone)
// attending ParaNorman at the drive-in theatre (a new experience for the two of us) -- we could have stayed for a double feature... But Diary of a Wimpy Kid didn't interest us more than sleeping.
// backgammon, popcorn & chocolate-covered almonds

Two more nights until we are at our destination! Those two nights will be spent checking out our nation's Capitol. What are some must-see attractions and must-eat foods? Leave a comment and we'll check it out!

Peace & blessings, y'all

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