Monday, August 20, 2012

Days #3-5

Very limited Wi-Fi the last couple days. How are we surviving? Barely I'm sure. And I'm sure you're wondering what (or where) in the world we've been up to. So here's the long & short of it.

Day #3 we woke up in Des Moines excited to hang out with our friends and continue our adventure. Here's what we did:
// coffee @ Smoky Row
// reclaimed my wallet I left in a friend's car
// visit Raygun ( hipster clothing store that proclaims the awesomeness of Iowa/the Midwest)
// bought & ate delicious humus
// visit world's largest truck stop
// set up our huge tent for its maiden campout @ the weirdest campground : Hide-A-Way Lakes near Oswego, IL
// steaks, campfire & s'mores

Day #4
// stuff the car with our camping gear
// drive into the heart of Chicago & find a parking spot
// Millennium Park w/ the Big Bean
// Gino's East pizza for a delicious & classic deep dish
// gourmet cupcake from Sprinkles (our tipoff for a free cupcake didn't workout)
// walk ALMOST to Navy Pier
// run all the way across town before our parking became expensive & barely made it
// discover the second weirdest campground
// burger&beans, campground, & Skipbo

Day #5
// Early morning pack up the car
// stop and see pretty old house by the river
// stop and see red covered bridge
//stop and see the Resident Director from when I lived in Fern Smith Hall @ NWC
// try new foods at Paynes in Upland, IN
// wait FOREVER for the best ice cream in town @ Ivanhoes
// take a tour of Taylor University
// listen to interesting podcasts
// set up tent just before it rains at Charles Mill Lake in Mansfield, OH
// relax, read & sleep

We woke up this morning (Day #6) to this beautiful view of the lake. Today we will tour around Mansfield, visit the prison where Shawshank Redemption was filmed, ride a carrousel, and attend a flick at the drive/in. Headed to D.C. tomorrow. Will drive into our destination, Newark, on Thursday.

On our road trips, we love listening to podcasts. What are your favorites to listen to? Currently ours are the Moth, Radiolab, and This American Life.

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