Thursday, August 30, 2012

Home Sweet Jersey Home

We pulled into Newark New Jersey a week ago today, and so much has happened in these past 7 short days. Here's an overview--a general taste of our new adventure.

First off, Erin and I are working for NEWARK ACTS through the Episcopal Service Corps. The church hires us to send us into community non-profit organizations, or churches, or school programs as service interns for the next 11 months. So far we've only been doing training and bonding with fellow house mates. Today we went to our actual work sites, which means braving the public transit system. I only got lost once.

I will be working with a small urban church as its program/community director (it's a working title) to find needs in the community and get the church involved. The idea is vague and open ended right now, so more will come when it gets fleshed out. Erin will be working with first time mothers before and after their pregnancy. Home visits put her right into the thick of real live for many living in Newark.

We are living in a community home with three other interns. Another home a few miles away houses four more interns in our same program. Our home is connected to a church in a very urban part of the city where we were told "don't be stupid" --akhem... we're not in Orange City anymore.

Erin and I are the first married couple NEWARK ACTS has had in its program, but we're excited to live communally, to learn and teach wisdom, and share grace. Christ seems to heavily emphasize community with your brothers and sisters, with tax collectors, and pagans. We get to live communally in a house of 5 Christians eager to serve, love, and grow with our roommates and neighbors. Although the program has been running for a week, I'm eager to start my job placement and take Newark by storm.

Photos and a video of our 8 day, cross 1/2 country road will be up shortly.

Holla' back,

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