Saturday, August 08, 2015

Our Home in Karanda (Before)

Hello from Zimbabwe! This is our first post in this country where we will be spending the next year at Karanda Mission Hospital. Erin will be serving the Shona people as a nurse, and Kameron will be making videos and promotional materials for the hospital and other missionaries in the area.  We hope to keep you all informed throughout the year, giving insights on what God is teaching us, on our adventures, and on stories that need to be shared. Huzzah!
This past week we were in Karanda organizing our home & getting acquainted with the hospital staff, missionaries, and our neighbors for the next year. We are now back in Harare for a few weeks of language learning & orientation, and to buy some items for our home.
Here are some pictures of what our house looks like right now, after rearranging furniture and doing some light cleaning. (Perhaps later on in the year we will post more pictures of what the house looks like once we've lived in it and made it our own.) Sorry for the poor quality. Kameron took them on his phone at 5:30am before we left to go back to Harare. 
Here is the front of the house. The window on the right is to our bedroom. The window in the middle is to our office. The window on the left is our living room. The door to the far left is our front door.

On the other side of the wall is a different home (connected to ours) where a surgeon lives. She has been living there for about 4 months. You can see our entrance in this picture (& a bare flower bed... that needs to change soon!)
View from the front door. You can see our living room, dining room & fire place. (It is the cold season right now, but getting warmer. We probably won't use the fireplace until next June?). 
The entryway right by the table leads to the kitchen. The entryway to the far right leads to the hallway and other rooms.
Here is the view from the kitchen entryway. You can see the front door. The blue curtain is hiding a HUGE window. Our new friend Cheryl found the placemats & set the table for us.
View of the kitchen looking left from the entryway. The metal thing on the left is a water-filter. The doorway in the middle is to a HUGE pantry. The door on the right leads to the backyard. The white thing on right is our fridge.
View of the kitchen looking right from the entryway. We have some stylish food-themed curtains and a nice gas stove. On the far left you can see a tiny-bit of our washing machine.
View of the hallway from the entryway. The room on the right is going to be our office. On the left is the bathroom. The far left room is the storeroom, and on the far right is our bedroom.
The office. Pretty bare-bones. We will get a desk for this room. It is were Kam will edit videos and Erin will do crafts and bug Kam while he works.
View of the bathroom from the doorway. We want to get a mirror above the sink. The tub has no shower, but that might change by the time we get back to Karanda. The toilet is hiding behind the wall on the far right.
Our bedroom. The curtains still need some work. The window above the bed looks out to the front of the house. Our mosquito net is bunched up on the tables on the left.
View of the bedroom from the bed. You can see the storeroom across the hall. The only things hanging in our closet right now are Erin's nursing uniforms.
 View of our storeroom from the far side of the room. You can see the hall through the door. We have 2 twin beds stored here. Right now our deep-freeze is here as well-- it may stay here or get moved to the kitchen?
 The walkway to the backyard. The stairs to our front door are on the left. The two windows you see both belong to our bedroom.
 Our back patio. The door on the left leads to the storeroom. There is another door farther back in the shadows that leads to the kitchen. Far back on the grass you can see Stacy's garden. Our grass is very dry & needs some tending to. We will plant some flowers or succulents or something along the cement wall. We might have a small veggie garden. Who knows!
 More of our sad back yard.
So that's it! What do you think? I think that we will be very comfortable living here this year in Zimbabwe. The house is much bigger than we thought it would be. Since we are not long-term missionaries, all the furniture and kitchen supplies and sheets and towels & everything pictured above was already here. If we decide to stay here forever, or for a few years, then we will have to buy everything ourselves. What's going to happen to our future?
Look at this beautiful sunset by the gate to Karanda. God is good!

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