Thursday, July 30, 2015

Announcing our Tinggly Ambassadorship!

Hey all. Wanted to take some time to talk to you about a sweet partnership that the Toews have with a company called Tinggly. A while back, we were chosen to be Ambassadors for this brand, & we are pretty excited!

What is Tinggly?
Tinggly is a great new way of giving special gifts to the adventurer in your life. Tinggly offers various experience packages in locations all over the world. Check out their experiences map to get an idea of what we’re talking about. There are hundreds of different experiences to choose from. Expereinces like: snowshoeing in Norway, a historic Chicago kayaking tour, and bungee jumping at Victoria Falls inZimbabwe. Instead of giving a gift you are unsure if the recipient will enjoy and that lacks originality, Tinggly gives you the opportunity to send a gift that is personalized, fun, and flexible enough that the recipient will be sure to find something they love.

How does it work?

Why do we like Tinggly?
Thrilling experiences: Let us continue to list these cool opportunities: White Water Rafting in Colorado, Rock Climbing in Ireland, and Exploring a Volcano in Hawaii. What don’t they offer? We haven’t found an answer yet.

Anywhere in the world: Experiences are available in 80+ countries around the globe. You can find something close by home, or plan an international trip around your gift.

One price, hundreds of experiences: When you purchase one Gift Essentials package, the recipient can choose one of the hundreds of Tinggly experiences! This seriously takes all the pressure off of picking the “perfect gift.”

Two years to decide: Recipients get 2 years to choose the experience of their dreams. Timing is flexible, so there is limited stress when planning the adventure.

What is our role as Tinggly Ambassadors?
  • Testing experiences worldwide (including ones in Zimbabwe)
  • Writing reviews and articles on our blogs or via the TingglyJournal
  • Creating / sharing content on our social networks
  • Providing insights and feedback on local adventures
  • Recommending unique experiences (We’ve been trying to get Tinggly to come to the Black Hills!)

What does this mean for us in Zimbabwe?
It means that when we get a break from ministry at Karanda Hospital, we can try out the experiences offered at Victoria Falls. Right now there are three opportunities offered:

We are excited about this opportunity & we’ll let you know about our adventures. 

Which Tinggly experience would you like to try? Leave your answer in the comments below
Note: Toews Adventure is being sponsored by Tinggly as part of their Ambassadorship Program. In return for trying Tinggly experiences, we write reviews & articles about our adventure. All content and views are our own. All images are provided by Tinggly. Affiliate links throughout.

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