Friday, June 12, 2015

Around Here [June]

Around here, we are finishing up with our week at VictoryCenter Bible Camp. This week was Teen Camp for the High School campers. Some of these kids were in my cabin as elementary students. Wow. How old am I? There are a lot of changes at VCBC from when we were campers and summer missionaries; now we refer to is as “pansy camp” because there is a fancy air-conditioned dining hall, a bath house with plenty of showers and stalls, staff housing with private bathrooms, and the game shelter has walls to protect campers & the games from the elements. It is amazing that God can reach so many young people in such a remote area in the middle-of-nowhere South Dakota. This is where Kam & I fell in love, so it is a pretty special place in our hearts. (Earlier in the week before any campers arrived, Kameron & his dad killed a great big rattle snake.)

Around here, our visa still have not been approved. The TEAM missionaries in Zimbabwe go to the Immigration office at least every other day to check in on them, but we have no news. I know we will have a team of angels in heaven and on earth doing a celebration dance when we get the “OK” to board a plane for Zim. In the meantime…

Around here, Kameron works on his final freelance project for the Great Plans Sioux Tribal Health Board while Erin  dreams and plans out a new venture. If you have been following along on Instagram, you might already know what the new venture is.  I’m pretty nervous about it, but I believe that we were created to be uncomfortable and to be stretched. This is going to be good!

Around here, we still have some things we’d like to do before we leave for Africa: 1) attend the production of To Kill A Mockingbird, put on by the Black Hills Playhouse (Erin’s favorite book/movie) 2) finish watching some of our TV shows: Grey’s Anatomy, Parks & Rec, Call the Midwife, the Walking Dead & Parenthood. 3) go camping.

What’s going on around you? What’s new? Leave your answer in the comments & we’ll chat.

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