Monday, February 09, 2015

Prayer Requests This Week

This week the Toews are in/near Chicago for Pre-Departure Orientation (PDO). If you recall, in July we had an orientation in Tennessee as well. That one was to understand TEAM & their core values, understand the basics of our budgets, how to fundraise, etc. The one this week will be a bit more in depth & a bit more related to departing America, arriving on the field, being culturally aware & sensitive, etc. We’re pretty excited!

This is the last big step before we are given the OK to fly to Zim. We’ve already submitted my nursing license paperwork & our visa applications, but we’re waiting for them to get approved. We plan/want to leave during the second week in March. But the red tape could get in the way.

Please be praying that these big items get approved & we can leave as planned.

Please be praying for this week at orientation. Pray that our hearts and minds will be open for learning what is needed. Pray that we can strengthen & deepen relationships with other TEAM missionaries that we met in July and who will be there with us this week (& that we can build new relationships with those we haven’t met yet.

Please pray that our anxiety level is low as there are big changes coming our way.

P.S. Picture was taken summer 2013 in San Diego. 

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