Wednesday, October 15, 2014

What are we doing until we leave?

As you know, Kam and I are leaving in March for a year long mission to Zimbabwe. We are so so so excited to accept God's calling in our lives to use our vocations to spread the love of Jesus. But that is not happening until March. What are we doing until then?
This is such a weird and awesome time in our ministry! God is really showing His faithfulness to us. He definitely has a hand in this trip. We could not be 40% funded without Him. 

We are also:
  • Getting more involved at our church.
  • Spending quality time with our friends & family.
  • Downsizing our stuff.
  • Last-minute camping trips.
  • Having small adventures together.
  • Dreaming of the future.
  • Excepting 2 nephews & 1 niece in the next 5 months.
  • Volunteering when/where we can.
  • Exercising at the YMCA.
  • Limiting the amount of TV watched.
  • Completing jigsaw puzzles.
  • Continuing to strive to be good workers at our current jobs.
Kameron has a few video projects he is working on:
  • A mini-documentary of my grandma baking a Danish pastry.
  • A video for TEAM.
  • Highlight videos of our Romania adventure.
  • An updated version of our support video.
  • Dreaming up other personal projects.
Here are some little personal goals I want to accomplish before we leave in March.
  • Scrapbook our Romanian adventure.
  • Update our Travel/Adventure scrapbook.
  • Use up my yarn stockpile.
  • Re-read all 7 Harry Potter books (just because).
We would love set aside time to chat with you about our ministry in Zimbabwe. Please comment or contact us for more information!

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