Monday, October 20, 2014

Sharing Our Story: Carter Gospel Fellowship

This past Sunday the two of us shared about our ministry at a church in Carter, SD. This was one of the first supporters for Kam's parents who are missionaries in South Dakota. We were very excited!

We were in charge of giving the sermon. Twenty minutes long. We were so nervous, and barely knew what we would say. But things came together nicely.

Basically, we used our 3-minute story and expanded, added details on our mission statement, and discussed three things we have learned (and are still learning) during this fundraising period in our lives.

And somehow, God spoke through us.

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We had many people come up to us after the service saying they were very encouraged by what we said. Some were even inspired. & We were humbled. Humbled that what we said (what we scrounged together on the two hour drive on Sunday morning) had an affect on people. God is good.

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