Friday, September 05, 2014

adventures in a summertime chaco-tan competition

In an effort to challenge ourselves to spend more time outdoors this summer, the two of us had a friendly "Chaco Tan Competition." We both got our Chaco sandals in the mail from Sierra Trading post at the end of spring. We wore them basically all summer when we were not at work. We wore them hiking. We wore them to the park. We wore them around town. & we tried to spend as much time out side -- tried to be active (instead of sitting on the couch watching Netflix, as has been our custom).

We set an end date. On September 1st, who ever had the best Chaco tan, wins.

"Wins what?" you may ask.

Nothing really. Just wins. Like when our little niece & cousin who are both five years old play games. They both try to be the winner, with no real prize in the end. They just compete for the fun of it. (& for bragging rights)
What do you guys think?
Who won?
I think we all know the answer to that question.
But I may have had an unfair advantage.
--the double-strapped Chacos look more unique than Kam's single-strapped sandals.

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