Monday, March 17, 2014

Romanian Adventure part 2

We are having the time of our lives! To be in this place experiencing these adventures together with our besties from college is so refreshing. I may have gotten emotional to the point of tears this afternoon. (But let's keep that between me & you.) The setting was perfect. We had been exploring the little town that Felipe & Janelle have been living in for the past year. As we came walking down a hill after drinking from a fresh water spring and Felipe had instagram-ed a beautiful (mushy) pic of the hubs kissing me, I looked around at the beauty of Romania, looked at my guy & our dear friends and tears welled up in my eyes and I even let a few drop. What a beautiful thing to experience and feel. Something I want to remember always. It wasn't a crazy day filled with action and wild adventures. It was a quiet day, discovering new foods, laughing with friends, & finding beauty in the local people. But if we went home tomorrow, I believe the trip would have been worth it for this one experience. For sure! 

But the adventure does not end tomorrow. No sir! For tomorrow we get an early start as we climb a mountain. A big day of hiking in this spectacular land. I cannot wait!

& now we sleep----- hopefully. Last night Kam experienced jet lag, for sure. & kept me awake tossing&turning. Thank goodness for the blessing of Benadryl tonight. 

Here are some pictures of our adventure thus far. Check out Instagram & Facebook for more glimpses.
Robi & Kameron as we wait for our taxi from the airport upon first arriving to Bucharest, Romania
I feel quite small besides this old communist building.
Money. Money. Money! 💰
Sheep-on our bus ride to Lupeni.
Church & cemetery - on our bus to Lupeni
Us & our dear friends!
The view from their apartment 
Zacusca, the dog @ a market 
A welcome message to us from a little local boy who is friends our friends
Another friend from my residence hall at NWC

The people really respect the natural fresh spring water. Almost like a shrine, with pictures of Jesus & saints. It was such pure, cold, refreshing water!
Candied prunes from a new friend.
Look at that view!!
Romanians don't smile in pictures.
Lots of urban farming
A green house made of windows (inspiration?)
Older men & women dress so cute!!
Panorama from top a hill looking down at Lupeni

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  1. I was waiting to see the pic from Instagram of you and your hubby! ;) Just kidding, glad to hear that you are having a wonderful time!


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