Sunday, March 30, 2014

Almost Home

The hubs & I are sitting at Gate B73 at the Denver airport, so close to being home, yet feeling defeated. We were supposed to be home at 9PM last night, instead of 9AM this morning. Our flight from Chicago to Denver was delayed 2 hours due to bad weather in Florida, which is where that plane was coming from. That delay caused us to miss our final connecting flight to Rapid City. Of course the airline doesn't take responsibility because of weather conditions, but they did book our flight for this AM. We had to get a hotel room. Find food to eat (pizza delivery that took an hour and a half)! Get less than 5 hours sleep & back to the airport. Hopefully the travel insurance will cover those extra costs, but talking in the phone with them last night, didn't seem like our situation qualified as a travel delay... What? Oh well. 

Today I choose happiness. 
My bestie texted me during the chaos & said "Well leave it to the Toews to extend their adventure :)" & that's why my little word for 2014 is adventure.

Don't worry, I'll post more pictures and anecdotes later today or tomorrow. To give you a peek into my heart (aka my travel journal)- "It feels invigorating to have so many adventures in a week (now 2 weeks) & not have any time to write & reflect about them." 

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