Thursday, October 24, 2013

I went for a hike. (belated)

This summer, I think it was in August, the two of us lovers of the Black Hills went for a hike/swim. 
(I know, this is a very belated post). 
While looking over my 24 @ 24 list, I discovered more things I could cross off.
The hike we took was to Devil's Bathtub. A family fun spot located in Spearfish Canyon. 
The hike is very very easy, mostly flat (should it qualify as a hike?), crossing over a creek many time. 
At the end of the hike, you reach the "bath tubs." 
Better bring your swimwear...
...and hike on a hot day.
It will be well worth it.
We chose a day that was not hot hot hot, and we wished we would have. If you can see my arms in some of the pictures, they are red from cold.As you may or may not know, Black Hills water (creeks & lakes & bathtubs) are cold cold cold any time of the year. Brr.!!

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