Monday, September 09, 2013

I will always remember

I will always remember:
1. Going to your office at USD and you letting up photocopy our hands & faces. Also letting us run around the dome, playing on the turf, shooting hoops, etc.
2. Drinking root beer floats at every get together.
3. When you were making your way up the ladder to do the trust fall at the family reunion. and you wispered in my ear "Erin, on the count of three, push me off, I'm too scared to fall."
4. Watching the sqirrells eating corn from the tree in the backyard. Also related would be feeding the chipmunks cheese puffs at the lake. And also related would be swimming in the lake together.
5. That you were able to make it to my high school graduation in 2007 & my Commitment to Christian Nursing in 2010.

You will always be loved. 


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