Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Midweek Vacation

Adios, SoDak! I have not left you since returning from Jersey. But I need a little break. I need bestie time. So, roadtrip it is! This girl is off to Colorado to be with Carmalene, someone I have not seen for 11 months. (What a sad day it was when we parted).

Carmals is one of those women with an old soul. & a spirit that is kindred with mind. Some of out favorite past times include: studying for nursing school, avoiding studying by watching Teen Mom, avoid studying by creating arts & crafts, avoid studying by swapping good reads, (it's ever a wonder that we actually past nursing school), feeding the other when we would get the hunger cranks, and complaining.

I am so ready to be reunited with you, Carmals.
But first, some pictures.
This is about to get cheesy, people.
(If only Averi was joining us.)

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