Monday, April 08, 2013

50 Recipes: Squash Soup

I love squash soup. My first discovery of is was in Zimbabwe. Really that was where I first really had squash. Then at a game park, squash soup. And it was heavenly. We had squash soup again at date night in Jersey. Remember? I love this soup!

So I tried to make it.
and it was horrible.

It was so bad, I am not even going to offend you guys with a recipe. You might be tempted to follow it. I don't know what went wrong.

Maybe I didn't follow the recipe exactly?
Maybe I over cooked it as we waited until we were both hungry to eat it.
Maybe the squash was bad?
Maybe it wasn't my night.

Anyways. It was still a new recipe so I will count it towards my goal to make 50 new recipes this year.  And that's okay. Some of those recipes will be awesome, like this strawberry pie, others will be terrible, like the squash soup. As long I am trying new things, my goal will be met. As long as I am not stuck in a recipe rut, I will be happy.

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